"Crescendo" inaugurated in Rome

June 5, 2003, marked the inauguration of Eila Hiltunen's "Crescendo" at the new Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome. Among participants to the festive ceremony were H.E. Ambassador of Finland, Mr. Alec Aalto; Cultural Assessor of Rome, Mr. Gianni Borgna; Superintendent Eugenio La Rocca from Sovraintendenza ai Beni Culturali, and President of "Musica per Roma", Mr. Goffredo Bettini.

H.E. Ambassador Alec Aalto gave the official salute of Finland. The artist's daughter, Mrs. Piia von Bonin, and Cultural Assessor, Mr. Gianni Borgna, (right) listened attentively.


Dr. Luisa Cardilli, Director of the Sovraintendenza's Office for Medieval and Modern Monuments, coordinated the project all the way from its inception.

"Crescedo" dates from 1981 and is the first full-size version of the theme. It was exhibited in Rome in 1985 but remained in the artist's possession. Its placement in Rome was made possible by a contribution from the Finnish Ministry of Education.

Permanently located outside one of the Auditorium's three main wings, and overlooking one of Rome's green hills, "Crescendo" is on the route of every guided tour within Architect Renzo Piano's magnificent complex.


The organic forms of the stainless steel abstraction, measuring 3.15 x 2.70 metres, reflect the rotund, striped roof contours of Renzo Piano's magnificent creation . "Crescendo" is the only modern sculpture permanently placed within the Auditorium complex.


For Eila Hiltunen, the project was the fulfilment of an affectionate relationship with Italy, her second home, that started over four decades ago with her participation in the "Italia 61" exhibition in Turin. In 1995, her "Orchid" stainless steel abstraction was unveiled in the modern EUR district of Rome.

"Rome has an unrivalled cultural heritage to defend and has to be very selective when it comes to contemporary contributions. Renzo Piano's wonderful Auditorium will no doubt stand the test of time. As for me, to have two public monuments in Rome makes me very humble and elated at the same time," Eila Hiltunen said.

Now too frail to travel, the artist listened to the ceremony via telephone and was represented on the spot by her daughter Piia and son Markku.