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This website is primarily for researchers, students, art collectors and those interested in Eila Hiltunen's life and works. Several books have been previously published on her works, but most are out of print.

In 1997, the Art Museum of the City of Helsinki published a booklet, entitled Eila Hiltunen's Sibelius Monument, Passio Musicae. It is available from the museum in Finnish, Swedish and English.

In 2001, the Didrichsen Art Museum published a new book, Credo, for Eila Hiltunen's Retrospective Exhibition, which was a great success and a revelation to younger generations. This definitive and detailed account of Eila Hiltunen's career was written by Senior Curator Leena Ahtola-Moorhouse from the Finnish National Gallery (Ateneum). A summary of the text can be accessed on this website. The book's text is in Finnish, Swedish and English, with abbreviated texts in Italian, German and French. Click to order the book from the Didrichsen Art Museum.

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